The 2012 Run United Loyalty Shirt

The 2012 Run United loyalty shirt is given to individuals who showed their commitment to progress with their active lifestyle through their loyal participation in UNILAB Active Health’s 2012 Run United Series. These are individuals who finished all legs of the 2012 RU1, RU2, RU3, and RUPM.

Here is a link to the names of those who have finished the 2012 Run United Series (as validated with RunRio database): 2012 Run United Loyalty Shirt Recipients

They are all potential recipients of the loyalty shirt, provided that they register and be a finisher in the upcoming RUPM on October 28.

In case your name is not on the list, kindly email the following at

– Full name
– Permanent Address
– Birth Date
– Mobile Number
– Gender

Together with any of the following:

a. 1 clear photo from each of the 2012 Run United Series wearing the official 2012 Run United bib number (total of 3 photos)
b. screen capture of all Run United Series race results
c. any other proof that you FINISHED each of the 2012 Run United Series

A 3-day validation period will be followed upon receipt of email. The details will be cross check with RunRio database. Once fully validated and authenticated your name will be part of the list.

The list will be continuously revised and validated until 11:59pm of October 21. The official and final list of potential recipients will be posted by 12pm on October 25 at the UNILAB Active Health website.

STEP 1: Send Advanced Information

The names on the potential recipient list are required to email the following at

– Full name
– Permanent Address
– Birth Date
– Mobile Number
– Preferred loyalty shirt size (only confirmed sizes will be released)
– Bib Number and Category Registered for Run United Philippine Marathon

STEP 2: Be A Finisher

Register and be a finisher in any category of the 1st Run United Philippine Marathon happening on October 28

STEP 3: Claim Your Reward

The loyalty shirts will be released inside the Active Health Village of the 2012 Run United Philippine Marathon from 6AM to 10AM. Kindly show your bib for verification. Once all verifications have been cleared, the loyalty shirt will be yours to keep.

No other claiming will be scheduled aside from this date and time slot.

The Run United 2012 Series Loyalty Shirt!

Hi folks! Here’s sharing with you the winning design of the would be Loyalty Shirt for the Run United 2012 Series. This design was presented with two other designs for voting by runners early this year. To be able to get this, Unilab Active Health says that a runner should be able complete any race category in all of the Run United 2012 series – from Run United 1, 2, 3 and the debuting Run United Philippine Marathon. 😉

To ensure that you will be able to receive updates and /or announcements in relation to the distribution of this loyalty shirt, like the Unilab Active Health FB Page now! Mechanics, validation on how one will be entitled to a shirt and the release of the list of validated recipients will be posted on the said ULAH FB Page.


Here Comes 2012 RUN UNITED 3!

Get ready folks as registration for the third leg of the RunRio Trilogy 2012 – the 2012 Run United 3 opens in August! 

My favorite source, little birdie (cute ‘noh!) whispers an exact date to me – 6th of August! But then again, the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for the exact date have not been released by both Unilab Active Health (ULAH) and RunRio yet. So consider this information folks as unofficial and unverified.

If it becomes true, then LB (yep, for Little Birdie!) deserves a pat on the back! This also gives everyone a little over one and a half month to register and grab a slot for this much-awaited race event happening on September 16. This race leg of the Trilogy features the Afroman 32km race category.

Meanwhile, once registration opens, everyone will be entitled to participate in the Run United Running Clinic for FREE. The clinic is handled by experienced and bemedaled RunRio running coaches and is being held every Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6PM to 9PM at the Track 30th of the BGC in Taguig.

Here is the exact map to the running clinic venue:

So there folks! I encourage you to check back for the sharing of the official announcement of registration opening and of course, more exciting race details.

*Note: Both the 2012 Run United 3 and the Run United Clinic is brought to us by Unilab Active Health in partnership with RunRio, Inc. Official announcements will therefore always come first from them. 😉

RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3 RUNPIX Results OUT NOW

Hello folks! Apart from the Official Over-all Race Results, the RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3 2011 race which was held last Sunday, November 13 also has the RUNPIX RACE ANALYSIS – an online  facility which shows your results in a graphical analysis format. One which you can use as a more “worth-keeping souvenir” than the standard numeric race result.

To access your RunPix Race Result Analysis, simply click HERE or on the image above. At the RunPix home page for Run United 3, simply enter either your race bib number or your last name and then click on your respective race category. The interface is really user-friendly that it is easy to navigate.

Good luck and enjoy retracing your RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3 race experience via this facility! 


Race Results for RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3 Available Now

Hello Folks! RunRio has released the OFFICIAL Race Results for the recently concluded RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3 race. Congratulations to everyone who participated and finished this race!

Here are the OVER-ALL RACE RESULTS PER CATEGORY released by RunRio, Inc.:

Over-All Results for 500m dash for kids Category
Over-All Results for 3km Category
Over-All Results for 5km Category
Over-All Results for 10km Category
Over-All Results for 15km Category
Over-All Results for 21km Category
Over-All Results for 32km Category

As advised by the RunRio Timing Team:

“All details were based on the data gathered from the UHF RFID D-Tag by ChronoTrack Systems.

Finish Time: is time from the gun start to the time you crossed the finish line. Results for this is used as basis for determining the Top 3 finishers.

Chip Time: is when you cross the start line to the finish line. This is most helpful for you to know your personal record (PR).

The race was organized by RunRio, Inc.. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email”