Globe Run For Home 2010 RunPix and PhotoVendo Pix

Globe Run for Home 2010 participants can now start retracing their race footsteps and analyze their race results in a graphical manner by accessing the RunPix analysis page for the recently concluded race.

Just click on this LINK to have a souvenir of your latest race achievement. 😉

you can click on the image to access RunPix

Likewise, Globe Run For Home 2010 participants can now view/download their race photos at Photovendo’s free download service site.

Click HERE to start checking out your race photos.

Having problems accessing the above link? Try this ONE then at the Race Name drop-down list, choose Globe Run For Home 2010. Lastly, enter your race bib number at the text box beside it and voila, enjoy your race photos! 😉

you can click on this image to go to the site