Gear Review: Sony Walkman Sports W Series Waterproof

Note: This is not a paid review but the gear was provided by Ogilvy for the said purpose. Now for my feedback…

People nowadays have been  more into an active lifestyle, engaging into sports not only for leisure but also for health reasons. Owing to the rigors of maintaining an active lifestyle, music become a staple not only during training but also in races as well.  Thus there a lot of available music players in the market that caters to such requirements.

The Sony Walkman Sports W Series is one such product – made for active people, people who are always on the go. I have been fortunate enough to be provided a sample for purposes of sharing my experiences/feedback from using the product. Let me just make it clear though that no payment was received in exchange for this consumer review. 🙂


The NWZ-W273 or the Sony Walkman Sports Series is an MP3 device that comes with attached earbuds – thus eliminating the hassle of using an external earphone complete with the wired distractions.



The product comes in the below packaging with the following accessories:



(1) MP3/walkman device (2) USB charger (3) adjustment band (4) earbuds in various sizes (3) quick guides/user manuals in different languages, warranty card


Listed below are some of the product features as listed from the Sony website. Together with it are my opinion for each feature.

1. wearable and wire-free

vimage IMG_3251

This product has a simple and yet comfortable design. It saves one from the distraction of a wired earphone as the player already comes with a pair of earbuds, making it wire-free.  The flexible neckband can be bended according to your ear’s shape and does not irritate. The other accessories that comes from the package ensures comfort for the user – the varied earbuds sizes makes it possible for one to choose the best size that will provide a snug fit.  Another accessory is the adjustment band which one can use to adjust the size of the neckband to better fit the head. Lastly, the device weighs only 29g making it truly lightweight to wear.

2. storage capacity

It has 4 GB memory and 990 songs capacity, meaning it can endure long hours of training or any sports activity.

3. quick charge battery


The Sony Walkman comes with a USB charger with a cradle. It is simple to use – just attach the MP3 player into the USB cradle and plug the USB charger to any computer. A fully-charged battery provides 8-hours of battery life and what’s best, it has the quick-charge feature where a 3-minute charging provides 60 minutes of playback time. It is said to be the best feature for someone who isn’t techie enough to always remember to charge their electronic devices.

4. drag, drop and go


Populating music is very easy. Simply attach it again to a computer using the USB cradle/charger and then a user-friendly software interface allows the user to simply drag and drop music from Windows® Explorer in varied music formats: MP3, WMA, AAC or L-PCM music files. In addition, music can also be added from iTunes®, or Windows® Media Player.

5. song library navigation and button design

image image_1 image_2

The placement of the buttons were very practical and well-thought of. The location of these buttons on the earphones allow you to easily pause and play, adjust the volume, search the playlist and shuffle. There are tactile dots on the “Play” and “Volume up” buttons which makes one understand that the right buttons were pressed without even looking at it. But what makes it all the more comfortable is that one will hear a voice confirming the button press actions. There’s a “power lock switch” to prevent the device from being turned on accidentally, when carrying it in a bag or pocket.  

6. high quality sound

According to the Sony website, the product uses Exclusive Sony® Clear Audio Technologies like Clear Stereo and Clear Bass which deliver deeper, richer sound quality.

The product has the signature SONY MUSIC QUALITY. Even though it doesn’t come with an preset equalizer (which hubby says will make the product even better), it blocks out surrounding noise/sound and can get you drowned from the music. This is both a benefit and a concern. Concern because when doing sports activities outdoors in busy streets or environment, one may fail to notice the goings-on.

7. waterproof

The product is designed to be waterproof up to 2 meters deep. I was not able to find time to use it for a swim but it was said that one must ensure a snug fit to the ears before using it for a swim to block off water. If water is not blocked, the music will be inaudible. The product has a limitation in such a way that it cannot be used in salt water as it has corrosive effects.


I LOVE IT. For such a small and lightweight device, it surely packs a punch in terms of features – from comfort, design, quality and ease of use is concerned. There aren’t so much negative things that I am able to find in it as the simple things that I look for a music-playing device have been satisfied.

If you are a runner or a biker like me, and always use a phone or any other MP3 device while on a run or ride, this might be a better option as you already have everything in one device and with a surely long battery life to boot – perfect for LSDs or century-rides!

And for those who give weight to product appearance, the NWZ-W273 comes in various colors –  black, blue, pink and white.


This product is already available in Sony stores or distributors nationwide. For more information contact Sony’s Customer Service Department via their: