Girls’ Bonding at the Team Woman Run by Lactacyd

It was a different kind of girl bonding as 85 all-women teams and 896 women gathered together for this morning’s Team Woman Run by Lactacyd.

Team Woman members Amanda, Leica, Bea and Chesca

The general atmosphere at the vicinity of McKinley’s Venice Piazza Mall was festive and fun. The race has the correct mix of features that will cater to both serious and recreational runners. The route, i was told, was challenging. Generous prizes were given to outstanding  race finishers – top three for the individual race category and top ten for the team relay and best in costume participants.

Team fRONT RUNNER took home top honors in the relay category by clocking in at 1:18:42

Saluan Serenata ran a 0:18:02 - 5km and won first place in the Individual 5k Run

Perlita Ruben ran in her Darna costume giving her the Best in Costume top prize (individual)

Team Rocking Dolls costume and unbelievable energy resulted to a 15K and more yield as they bag the top spot in the Best in Costume for Relay teams award

when i comes to costumes, can the Sea Princess be far behind? Of course not! Tessa Prieto-Valdez and her team won a special award for their kick-ass costume

For the first time, men played second fiddle as women took centerstage in a sport which is usually dominated by male participants. Men patiently waited in the sidelines, cheering on and taking pictures as their ladies race. The event’s activity area is filled with various post-race activities that anyone will want to linger even after a tiring run. It was totally girl power!

women would love to have their afros in PINK of course!

the activity area at Venice Piazza

it was both fun and

...and race worthy

It was a great Sunday morning for women. Kudos and thanks in behalf of women to Sanofi-Aventis, Event King and Runrio for putting up a great event. Hopefully, I’ll be able to participate in next year’s edition. Hmm, just thinking about it makes me feel excited already. What are we ladies supposed to expect for next year? A better race than this, as if this one is not yet great? Oh, excited me! ;P 

*Special thanks to good friend Princess Galura for the pictures. 🙂


Team Woman Run 2010 FREE Running Clinic Session #2

Click image to access the official Team Woman Run 2010 website

Ei girls/ladies! The second session of the free Running Clinic of Lactacyd’s Team Woman Run is scheduled tomorrow, June 6 at 4pm at the Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill. If you happened to attend the first one and enjoyed it, there is no reason to miss this second edition, right? On the other hand, if you missed the first session last Sunday, it isn’t so sad since you can still make up by attending tomorrow’s session number 2. 🙂

The running clinic is being conducted by women triathletes and Team Woman Run members, Leica, Amanda and Chesca Carpo and Bea Locsin and is the second of three running clinic session organized in preparation for the Team Woman Run 2010 race. Again, registration for the running clinic is free. You just have to show up dressed in your comfy running attire!

Have fun running!