I am Me!

I am vimz, a wife and mother of four kids, born and still living in Manila, Philippines. I spend most of my time reading or doing arts and crafts. I am a basically happy person and always wants to be where the fun is. I hate exercises, i hate sweating and i hate the outdoors. Or so i thought…

It was in the year 2005 when I, an overweight (at 130+ lbs.) and hypertensive mother of two kids realized that i have to do something about my health for me to be able to ensure that i will live long enough  to grow old with my husband and to see my kids grow up to raise a family of their own.

I sought the gym for help and eventually, i was introduced to running and i liked it. Yes, there were the sweating and stuff but it doesn’t make me feel icky. In fact it made me feel great! Hypertension is almost a thing of the old (except for some occasional bouts) and what’s best, i can now fit into regular-sized female clothes.

I started this blog wanting it to be a journal of every bit of my experience in the outdoors be it mtbiking or running. However, as it has always been my passion to write and to talk about all of my other interests, experiences and encounters, I have thought of making this blog as a journal of what the world gives me to take and to share.

I am unsure if you guys will like everything you see but I wish you’d be interested enough to go around and take a peak. 

Welcome to my new world!


Note: You can email Vimz at kulitrunner@gmail.com

82 Responses

  1. Your looking very good. Keep up with the running. There are good days and there are lazy days but at the end of the day its that run that makes a difference in life.

    thanks a lot patrick! your zest for running is really inspiring. see you around and when we do, i really would want to have a pic with you. 🙂

  2. Vimz!!! may Blog ka na! Ingat ka dun sa nag-cocoment ang pangalan Bobby ata… sobrang makulit yun. heheheh

    haha! ismit! another product of peer pressure ito. lol! thanks for the warning ha – re bobby the famous comment poster! wahahaha. and special thanks for linking my blog to yours. 🙂

  3. hey love! i have yet to link your blog to mine pala! 🙂

    and WHOA on the weight loss!

    ei, no rush on the link okies lang. re the weight loss : i hope hindi ka nawalan ng gana sa pic ko ha! 😯 😆

  4. Hi Vimz. Blogger ka na rin pala. Added your blog at takbo.ph. See you in the next races. 😀

    uy, hindi naman mashadow! 😉 thanks jinoe! see you around! 🙂

  5. ganda ng header! galing ni art!

    tentyu! 🙂

  6. Hi KR,

    Huwag kang maniniwala sa mga sabi-sabi ha, di ako makulit ‘no! Makulit ba ko ha? Ha? Makulit ba ko? Di naman ako makulit ah? Di ba? Di ba? Di ba? hehehe…

    Ismits, HALA ka, malapit na talaga! hahaha…

    waaaaahhhhhh!!! oo nga di ka makulet! 😀

  7. hi kulitrunner,

    hope to see in races…

    hello highaltitude, see you! 🙂

  8. Good work on the weight loss! 🙂 Congratulations … and to being fit too!

    thanks a lot chaia 🙂

  9. Aha… me history pa ng awakening! GREATness!

    Saludo ako sa mga nanay na masigasig mag-ehersisyo! Kapatid… tatanda tayo hahaha!


  10. Hi, nice weight loss there. A great inspiration, I hope you could also help me to inspire my wife in losing weight or just to sought for physical activities.

    Please visit my blog too. 🙂

    thank you! oh, what i have in my blog are my personal experiences that i am really proud to share. if by any chance people who reads it find inspiration from it that will be just a real treat for me. 😉 i’ll check on your blog too.

  11. i enjoyed you story and your site. keep up the exercising and fitness will come. it seems consistency is the hard part for me.

    ei steve, thanks! 😉

  12. Nice! Fit na Fit na talaga si Inday!!! Congrats and more leg power sa iyong karir! Hik!

    Hanep naman Kuya IKE! Ang ganda na ng tawag nila sakin eh, “KR” na… Inday-Inday ka pa jan! Laos! hehe…

  13. hindi na talaga maawat si Inday…Antipolo Climb naman….Ang Galeng!!!

    thanks Kuya Ike! 🙂

  14. wohoo at last check this Vimms 🙂 http://witchkitty.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/part-1-being-fit-and-weight-loss-vimma-mendoza/

    thanks a bunch chaia! 😀

  15. hi! nice to meet another female outdoor enthusiast. its not everyday i meet someone who has 2 kids and makes a lot of effort to keep in shape and enjoy what she does. i love running too and try to make it a regular habit after work or during weekends. have you tried joining tour of the fireflies or cycling advocates? i was connected to Haribon Foundation before and i was a part of a team that organized Wild Manila Race – for runners and bikers.

    Hi.Thanks for visiting. Yep, I have joined last year’s Tour of the Fireflies. Haven’t heard of the cycling advocates though. Oh and I have THREE kids po ha, clarify ko lang kasi baka may anak akong magtampo. hehe. 😉

  16. Hi! We’re gearing up for the Botak 42K and 100k running events this May and June and we’d like to invite you to our running bloggers meet up sometime in April.

    If you’re interested, can you please send me your contact details thru nesa@protege.com.ph so that I could coordinate the schedule with you.

    Thanks! And I hope to hear from you soon!

  17. Good day! I’m Kristel from The Philippine Online Chronicles (http://www.thepoc.net) and I’d like to invite you and your friends for a bloggers meet and greet called ‘POC Presents: Joy Rojas.’

    Get up close and personal with ultrarunner Joy Rojas and her Takbong Pangarap teammates, trainer/navigator Mateo Macabe and manager Chuck Crisanto on April 15, Wednesday at Fully Booked, The Fort in Taguig City. The meet and greet, sponsored by Philippine Online Chronicles, will be held from 6pm to 8pm at the bookstore’s Uview Theatre.

    The event will be hosted by noted bloggers Dine Racoma and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of filipinaimages.com, a website dedicated to reshaping the Filipina image online.

    Please check out the Takbong Pangarap Channel at POC and this news article for more event details.

    I apologize for putting this invitation up as a comment, I was not unable to find any contact details.


  18. Hi, I hope you’re having a good day. As an additional info on the last comment I gave you “POC Presents: Joy Rojas” blog event has been moved from April 15 Wednesday to April 18 Friday.

    The time and venue for the blogger’s meet remains the same, however. Please refer to our press release for more details. (http://www.thepoc.net/index.php/Takbong-Pangarap/News/POC-presents-Joy-Rojas-Takbong-Pangarap.html)

    Feel free to delete this comment, this is only an update of sorts. Thanks again for your patience. 🙂

  19. Hi Vimz,

    Great postings. I’m also a runner and biker as well. Just started blogging recently.

    Have a safe run and ride always….

    See you in the next races….


  20. Good going woman!! 🙂 this is truly inspirational 🙂 help help help! I’m really hoping on meeting you sometime someday too 😉 congratulations on the journey and you’re very optimistic indeed.. it makes me more hopeful 🙂

  21. Him Vimz,

    Thanks for the comment. They had called me this morning and followed up with a letter already…

  22. Hello there Miss Vimz,

    Was blog hopping and I dropped by your site. Also an “adik” runner myself. 🙂

    I’m adding you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind =)


  23. Hi Ms. Vimz, my name Quincy Reyes. I am the the account executive for adidas of Green Bulb Public Relations, the PR agency of adidas. We’d like to invite you for our event this coming August 7. It’s our adiZero running launch. I can’t seem to find your e-mail address so if you don’t mind posting it here so as he can send you a formal invite and the details of the event.

    You may reach me through my mobile at 09178917846
    or my email: quincy.reyes@greenbulbpr.com

    Looking forward to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  24. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

  25. Hi Vimz!

    I’m Marianne Tapales from CEMG. We’re an events and promotions agency based in Makati.

    Our team is currently doing a campaign for Del Monte, it’s called the Dare to be Fit ‘N Right. The Dare to be Fit ‘N Right is a three-part campaign that includes (1) bloggers launch (2) launchpad activations in select SM branches, and (3) Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Fun Run. The campaign aims to promote the wellness and fit lifestyle.

    The launch, which is an event for bloggers, will be in Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia on October 23 (Friday) at 7 pm. The launch will feature Master Coach Jim Saret . Coach Saret will give an interactive talk about the F.I.T. workout, which he designed. The F.I.T. Workout allows you to burn at least 400 calories in 4 minutes.

    In line with this, we would like to invite you to our launch on October 23.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can email me at ianne.tapales@gmail.com. My phone details are listed below.

    Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Marianne Fajardo Tapales
    Creative Enterprises Management Group
    Vernida Bldg, Amorsolo St., Makati City
    Mobile: +63915.549.8282; Phone: (02) 813930
    Telefax: (02) 892-5842

  26. good for you, gurl! keep it up…

  27. hope will see u on coming road race..

  28. hi, i just stumbled upon your blog. keep up the good work. im still at the process of getting to my ideal weight. how did you do it? hahaha im in a lull as of the moment. can’t seem to get my butt off the couch.


    • hey thanks… i did gym training, diet – the right diet as guided by the gym nutritionist and lots of running. all these coupled with the discipline to reach the target. it’s kinda easy once you get the hang of it. you just really have to want to do it to achieve it. 😉 good luck!

  29. 140 hits na lang 100K times visited na ang blog site mo. Congratulations! Advanced HB!

    • biruin mo yun ano! thanks A… 😉

    • 1 click here. same reason why i started running. lately i was gaining wieght coz of work and weekend laziness, though i play basketball regularly it seems not enough. then one day my peers encouraged me to join (they’ve been doing it a little 1 year) plus some teasing from my wife whom i only accompany during her run.

      then 1 day i saw the 34th milo ad, i immedialtely registered and to force myself to start training i joined 21km. with HIS guidance and my perseverance i finish my 1st race within curfew. now my system’s chasing every weekend to jog. from 63kg down to 58kg.

      most of all i admire you Vimz for your will to loose weight. not just you gain friends and wear sexy clothes but also instill discipline. go on and influence more people.

      you may not know me but seeing your blog made my day. God bless!

      • Thank you Edmund for the kind words. It is always great to know that many have gained a lot from loving and making running a part of their lives. I hope you continue to reap benefits from the sport as much as I do. Happy running! 🙂

  30. hi vimz, ako din hb my bp is 150/100…ngaun its 110/80 minsan 110/70 dahil sa takbo….

  31. hi kulitrunner,

    did you get a coach? like you, i want to take running to a different level.

  32. hi ms.kulitrunner! it was nice to meet you last sat during the MH test run. nice blog you have, im a regular visitor.

  33. hi mommy vimz!

    mishoo! i love your blog! i was checking the running thread sa GT when i saw this and discovered preggers kaw! wow kuya na pala si adam! naghahanap ako running shoes kasi dito lang office ko sa the fort. hehe link ko po blog nyo sken ah.. 🙂


  34. hi.

    Read your blog. We have the same reasons on why we joined running. Seeing your pics before and after was a blast. Galing. Hope to read more.

    Rainier Egos

    • Thanks rainier! I saw your blog. 🙂 I just hope that you’ll eventually want to run because you love to regardless if it helps you lose weight or not. That’s how running is to me now. Regards and keep on running!

  35. Hi Vimz, I love reading your blog.. I would like to join you one day.. I need to lose weight.. you know na.. super overweight to the max level.. lol

    • Hi Tina! 🙂 Thank you. I would love to have you run with me someday soon too, pati na sila Imma, Gemma, Sam, Che basta all those I love in GT! Overweight rin ako ngayon, still have some of the pregnancy-weight minus the baby in my tummy. lol! see you soon ha, have been reading your blog too.

  36. Hi KulitRunner…chanced upon your blogsite sa takbo.ph forums. kaka inspire ka sis and ang ganda ng blog site mo 🙂 Palagi na ako visit dito 🙂 Keep on blogging 🙂 – sherill aka catergeia15 sa takbo.ph

  37. very informative yung mga pinost mo tungkol sa obstacles ng MH Urbanathlon. thanks a lot!

  38. very informative (add me up!! & thanks for MH Urbanathlon)

  39. Ngayon lang nakapag-scan, ok galing rami mapupulot mga infos…..congratz….

  40. im inspired 😉 im new into this sports and my main motivation is to get back to shape. although i have not joined marathons yet, i am looking forward to it. i try to run/jog 3 times a week and when i feel that i have accumulated my strength, im definitely joining marathon 😉

  41. I chanced upon your site during a blogwalk. I’m a new runner and been to 2 runs so far. And like you, I started running when I just can’t control my weight gain anymore. After 2 kids I still want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope to be as successful as your are. Thanks 🙂

  42. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting, I’ll bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  43. Very inspiring Miss Vima! Hope someday I could be as fit as you too! God bless on your endeavors! ^_^

  44. Great running website,very inspiring and informative. Salamat po sa mga updates.

  45. wow! how inspiring naman. I started running din last year lang and swimming last june 2010. I’m diabetic and overweight and got sad when my doctor made comment “the only way you can lose weight and lose the cholesterol in my body is thru exercise”. So now Im into running and swimming…Keep it up!

  46. Hi Vimma! It’s been a while. I stumbled upon your page through http://www.littlerunningteacher.com. You’re looking gorgeous! =)

  47. You have a very inspiring blog site for newbie runner like me. I’m looking for a group or runners club that I can join. I want to further train and improve my running and most importantly to meet people who have the same interest.

    Thanks, Vimma for inspiring us!

  48. Hello Vimz. I read this and am very inspired. I just had my first baby in March this year and I am already seeing a bad trend in my exercise and healthy eating (pretty much declining). I used to run regularly and actully did a 1/2 Marathon two years ago. But today as I write this…I’m out of shape, 40 overweight, and just about ready to bust! 🙂 Not too discouraged though. I’ll be hitting the pavement soon. I’ll be coming back to read some more!

  49. looking great! 🙂 keep up the good work 🙂 and post more photos din, para dami mainspire.

  50. i am very happy for you…me … started nov 2010 .. my first run was run united last leg… i run 3k… nahiya ako kasi lahat ng nakilala ko was running 10k, 21k at 32….i promised myself na mag improve on my distance and time… naging magandang cross training for badminton basketball at mountain biking….i hope to continue doing what i love doing…and seeing your blog inspires a lot of newbies around…. hope that you also continue … good luck… god speed

  51. wow, i stumbled upon your blog while searching for blogs about running. i’m currently into the cohen diet program and have lost about 36lbs in 6 months. my contract with cohen is about to end which means i can start doing exercise and i thought of running 🙂 thank you for your blog. and congratulations on taking that leap to a healthy and fit life. you did very well and you look absolute good. you look much younger now based on the photos. thanks again 🙂 you are in inspiration

  52. Happy Birthday!! I love you!!

  53. Glad to know you are into a healthier lifestyle…..congrats! Send my hello to your family.

  54. Indeed. Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other; it is the air we breathe, the lifestyle we celebrate with every run; it defines who we are.

    Should you find yourself in Cagayan de Oro in late August, join our fun run. It’s CDO’s fiesta. Bring you buddies along!


  55. Guys, newbie here. Is it ok to run w/o using d assigned singlet for the event especially this coming Milo Manila Elims. I’m worried, I won’t gonna have one since I’m planning to buy a slot from someone else. Pls advise. Tnx!

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