Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs Race to Maui

I first heard about the Vaseline Men Xterra Tri-outs from my dear friend P during the time that they were on a search of would-be camp participants. I fairl know it then as the Off-road camp. Basically from what I was told, participants are to be camped at the beautiful and relaxing place that is the Timberland Heights in Rizal and will take on various off-road triathlon challenges – all in the purpose of determining who will be the best persons to represent the Philippines in the Xterra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii happening on October 28.

From the 10 camp participants, the top three where automatically chosen after the tri-outs. These are celebrities Matteo Guidicelli (who as the youngest became the tri-out’s top winner), Drew Arellano and Coach Noy Jopson. From the remaining 7 participants the challenge is to get the remaining two slots. These two slots will btwo participants who will get the highest total scores with these  total coming from a combination of their scores from a public voting (50%) and their camp score/grade based on their performance on the tri-outs (50%). Incidentally, voting start tomorrow, October 1.

What is fairly interesting to note also is that those who will participate in the public voting process will also get to win a prize! As each vote is equivalent to one raffle entry, everyone stands a chance to win one of the two P50,000 prize.  Two lucky voters of the triathlete with the most number of votes will get a chance to win P50,000 each. 

Excited already? Read on this helpful presser to learn more about the Vaseline Men Xterra Tri-Outs Race to Maui and see how you can participate in building a winning Team Philippines via public voting. 😉 Read on!

Vaseline Men to send the first Philippine team to the prestigious XTERRA Off-road Triathlon championship in Maui

Coach Noy Jopson (leftmost) and Matteo Guidicelli (center) with the seven participants (L-R) Carlos de Guzman, Hector Yuzon, Dr. Martin Camara, Raffy Zamora, Redg Plopinio, Jinoe Gavan and Mark Hernandez.

             After the successful Vaseline Men XTERRA Weekend in Cebu early this year, Vaseline Men will continue to raise the bar for Filipino triathletes by forming a Philippine team that will compete in the prestigious XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Global Championships in Maui, Hawaii on October 28, 2012.

            Vaseline Men will organize a five-member team to represent the Philippines in this prestigious event. This is the first time that the Philippines will be sending an official team and contingent to compete in one of the biggest triathlon series in the world. The team will be composed of Coach Noy Jopson and celebrity athletes Matteo Guidicelli and Drew Arellano, with two more members to be selected via the search for the best Filipino triathletes in the Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs Camp: Race to Maui.

The Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs Camp: Race to Maui is a three-day camp held last September 15 – 17 where the seven triathletes competed for the two coveted slots to the Maui Championships in Hawaii. The training camp included seven grueling and physically demanding Warm Up and Tri-Challenges which tested and prepared the participants for the actual Maui competition in October. In the Warm-Up Challenges, members of the camp went thru various swim, bike and run challenges where they learned the different techniques needed to become a better triathlete. In the Tri-Challenges, the participants were asked to do mini triathlon competitions under time pressure to test their speed. All the participants went thru at least one Warm Up Challenge and one Tri-Challenge each day during the three-day camp.

Joining Coach Noy, Drew & Matteo in the Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs are’s Jinoe Gavan, chiropractor Dr. Martin Camara, Second Wind’s Hector Yuzon, ultramarathoner Mark Hernandez, Health Food president Raffy Zamora,’s Carlos De Guzman, and Sutherland Global Services corporate training manager Redg Plopinio.

 Everyone is encouraged to take part and show support for the Vaseline Men Philippine team by watching the journey and struggles of the participants in Viewers can then vote for their favorite triathlete by clicking on the voting link found within the YouTube site, or at the end of every episode. Each vote casted will help decide the winner of the training camp. The public votes are equivalent to 50% of each athlete’s score with the judges’ votes and their actual performance during the three-day camp equivalent to the other 50%. There will be three videos based on their performance during the camp. Each video will be released weekly starting October 1 until October 15 in the Vaseline Men YouTube Page.

The two athletes with the highest scores by October 18 will join Coach Noy, Matteo and Drew in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to represent the Philippines in the highly prestigious XTERRA World Championships in Maui. The remaining two triathletes who will join Coach Noy, Matteo and Drew will be announced online by October 18.

Aside from raising Filipino pride in the competitive triathlon circuit, voters also stand to win P50,000 as each vote is equivalent to one electronic raffle entry. Two lucky voters of the triathlete with the most number of votes will get a chance to win P50,000 each.  Voting will end on October 17, 2012 and the electronic draw will be on October 18. The winners will be announced in the Vaseline Men Facebook page (

For more information on how you can follow the adventures of the seven contenders and be part of the first Philippine Team to be officially sent to the prestigious XTERRA Championships in Hawaii, simply visit the Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs YouTube page at You can also visit  for more details. 

The Centrum Nutri-Coach – Finally A Filipino-Based Nutrition Tracker!

Yay! There finally is a FREE online resource that can help Filipinos track their nutrition, have their  food intake analyzed AND is compatible with the common Pinoy meals! I have actually been wishing for such a resource since my foray into health and fitness in 2005 and finally, here is a wish come true!

The CENTRUM NUTRI-COACH, as the presser says “is the first on-line nutrition tracker of its kind tailor-fit to the Filipino lifestyle and diet”.  It is actually a user-friendly, easy to use tool. One can start and complete one “session” in just under 30 minutes!

The facility is divided into three parts with the first being the “profiling” of theperson. Pertinent personal questions are asked in the purpose of being able to determine related information such as the person’s body mass index, daily kcalorie requirement and the health benefit one wishes to focus on. The questions are even presented in a not-so-intimidating manner. 😉

The second part if the food intake entry wherein the person’s daily food intake in inputted either via the choosing of standard diet plans or via the a customizable virtual plate with meals such as chicken adobo, taho, beef tapa are present in the Filipino-based meal options.

The third and last part is the final analysis which will tell if the daily food intake entered is sufficient to cover the needs of the particular health benefit the person chose to focus on. This printable analysis also bears the recommended Centrum Nutrition Plan bearing meal suggestions that can be found everywhere – may one be at home, at the office or elsewhere as it caters to the Filipino lifestyle.

I have tried it and found it really great! You see, for me to come up with such friendly nutrition plan, I need to seek the help of a nutritionist via a paid consultation as the available online resources isn’t really compatible to Filipinos.

Download and read on the presser below, access the Centrum Nutri-Coach now at and begin your exciting journey to a better you! I will!


The adidas King of the Road 2012 Press Release

sharing this with you as received via email 🙂

Music Psychology: What running playlist suits your running personality

So you’ve finally decided to sign up for the adidas King of the Road 2012 on September 30. Now all you have to do is train. Technology is an essential thing in the running sport. With the different gadgets in the market, there is one important item in the list that runners find useful in aiding them to run better, and that is none other than their trusted MP3 player.

A big part of training comes in the form of what can enable you to perform at your best – from proper nutrition such as the right energy drink to the running playlist that would accompany you throughout the course – it is important to know what can boost your energy and endurance.

Music, for some runners, helps in setting the pace during the run and at the same time, acts as a motivator especially during longer distances. Your choice of music is important and shows the type of runner you are.

Are you more of the fun runner or the competitive type? Did you sign up for the 5K, 10K or 16.8K for the adidas King of the Road? Whatever category you fall into, maybe it’s time you update that playlist you have. Here are some songs you may want to consider to be part of your playlist that suits the kind of runner you are.

Fun Runner

1. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
Nothing says fun than the latest anthem for viral videos that got the whole internet buzzing. Locally, the current it girls of Philippine show business made their own version and made the song even more popular here. If their sexy and toned bodies are not motivation enough to stay true to your routine, what is?

2. One Thing – One Direction
This song may be for the younger generation but it shouldn’t only be limited to them. Aside from the upbeat sound of this song, who doesn’t appreciate the good-looking guys behind the song?

3. Good Feeling – Flo Rida
Well, the title says it all. If you’re the kind of runner who’s in it for fun, you may want to consider including this Flo Rida hit in your playlist. This will definitely leave you with a “good feeling” after your run.

4. Give Me All Your Luvin’ – Madonna feat. Nicki Minaj and MIA
No one knows fun like the Material Girl and Nicki Minaj. MIA adds that extra oomph to this song. This controversial song initially made noise when they performed it at the Super Bowl, so this has already made its mark in the world of sports.

5. Part of Me – Katy Perry
One of the faces of adidas, Katy Perry has been known to be the girl who knows how to have fun. Though this one is a break up song, it still has that lively beat for the fun runner in you.

The Chill Runner

1. Settle Down – No Doubt
Aren’t you glad that they’re back? Well, this song still has their signature feel good vibe suited for the chill runner.

2. Whistle – Flo Rida
This song makes you feel like you’re running on a beach or someplace calm. The start of the song is a bit soothing and is great to be one of the first songs you hear whenever you run.

3. Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

Part of the good thing about being a chill runner is running in your own pace. This song is good for running as it is good for dancing but one thing for sure this song will make you stay on your feet.

4. We Found Love –  Rihanna
The music video may be quite unsettling but the song has such a nice rhythm it’s really nice to have in the background while you break a sweat and the message of the song is quite uplifting as well.

5. Glad You Came – The Wanted
This is another nice song to have in your playlist. It’s a good song not just for when you’re training for that running event you’ve signed up for but also excellent when you just want to have that leisurely jog around your neighborhood.

Competitive Runner

1. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine
This song may have a slow start but this will surely get your adrenaline pumping when it reaches that fast chorus line where it continuously reminds you to “run fast for your mother, run fast for your brother” and all the other members of your household. Who better to have as your motivation when you want to bag the gold?

2. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
A song that will surely motivate you to keep on training and to keep your eye on the prize, after all what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

3. Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5
This song has that beat that will certainly keep you energetic. When you have a goal this song will help you a lot because it’s really nice to have a song that encourage you to emulate the moves of extreme front man of The Rolling Stones.

4. All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris & Rick Ross
A collaboration of the well-known stars of this genre, it is another song that says it all in the title. This will fire you up and help you unleash the aggressive athlete in you.

5. Turn Up The Music – Chris Brown
It has a dynamic beat that makes it a fine song for the dancer in Chris Brown, which is also suitable for the competitor in you.

So whatever kind of runner you are, before you tread the road to Bonifacio Global City on September 30 for the adidas King of the Road, it is high time to replace that “Eye of the Tiger” in your playlist, after all we’re in the 21st century!

If you’re not yet signed-up in this year’s most awaited run, here’s how to join:

Visit any of the 6 KOTR registration sites from July 25 to September 23: adidas Megamall, adidas Rockwell, adidas SM Mall of Asia, adidas Trinoma, adidas Greenbelt 3 and Runnr Bonifacio High Street. Registration sites are open 7 days a week from 12NN to 8PM. 

Race fees are as follows: Php 1,050.00 for 5km and 10km; Php 1,300.00 for 16.8km.

For news and updates on KOTR, visit the adidas Philippines Facebook fanpage (

Rexona Run 2012 Race Results NOW OUT

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Rexona Run 2012 organized by RunRio. I bet you all had a grand time trying to set new personal records. 😉 Here are the race results for all race categories. All details are based on the data gathered from the UHF RFID D-Tag by ChronoTrack Systems. To download/view a copy, kindly click on the links below:

Download 5K Overall results
Download 21K All-Male Relay Overall results
Download 21K All-Female Relay Overall results
Download 21K Mixed-Gender Relay Overall results
Download 21K Solo Overall results

Finish Time: is time from the gun start to the time you crossed the finish line. Results for this is used as basis for determining the Top 3 finishers.

Chip Time: is when you cross the start line to the finish line. This is most helpful for you to know your personal record (PR).

For any concerns regarding the race results, please email the organizers at

Rexona Run 2012 UPDATES

Hello Runners! The REXONA RUN 2012  will finally happen on Sunday, September 23

Here are important race updates and reminders with regards to this race. Read on!


– South Parking Building (Car Park Building above Dept Store)
– North Parking Building (Car Park Building above Hypermarket)
– South Open Parking (Open Car Park in between Arena and SMX)
– North Open Parking (Open Car Park in between One E-com and SMDC Showroom)
– Block 2 (Open Car Park behind SMX)
– Planetarium Parking (Open Car Park beside Selecta Kids Universe)
– Block 16 (Open Car Park between Two E-com and SM By the Bay)


The FIRST RUNNER must claim the race belt (image above) at the 21K finisher’s tent BEFORE heading to the starting line.

1. Only one race belt per relay team.
2. The first runner MUST attach his race bib to the Rexona Race Belt before heading to the starting line.
3. After running the first 10.5km, the first runner will hand over the race bib WITH the Rexona Race Belt to the second runner (for faster transition) at the relay transition area. There will be marshals present to assist you.
4. Two finishers kits will be given to the team upon presenting their race bib at the 21K finishers tent.
5. The second runner will be the one to receive the two finishers medals upon completion of the 2nd 10.5km.



Aside from the actual run, other activities in the upcoming Rexona Run 2012 include a KINECT hub, photowalls, and performances from bands like 6cyclemind and Gracenote! 

Good luck and see you all on Sunday!