After Office Treats and Tips

After having a yet again long but fulfilling working day outside, I find myself coming back to the office with a surprise treat —

Women's Health Sept Issue with Glee's Lea Michele on the cover out now 🙂

The latest issues of Women’s Health and Runner’s World Magazine! With interesting topics such as eating more and lose weight (WH), hot fitness classes (WH), taping (RW), decoding foot problems (RW), best drink for runners (RW), fitness test and tips to finding that perfect shoe (RW), I can’t wait until i get home, lie on our comfy bed with my reading light turned-on and read the two magazines. Really a perfect after-office treat!  With all the tips and information available in this ish, I am sure I will wake up tomorrow with an even greater desire to lace up and run.

Grab your copies now of Runner’s World Magazine, it still comes with every issue of either the Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazine.


Runner's World Sept. issue out now with every Men's Health or Women's Health Magazine

Find the right running shoes for you

Every runner is different and has unique needs when it comes to footwear.  The good news is running shoes come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit the different kinds of runners, but what kind is right for you?  This September, Runner’s World magazine Philippines made your search easier with its Shoe Buyer’s Guide!

It is so important to know what shoes to choose because the right pair can prevent injury, maximize your performance, and make running enjoyable and pain-free.  Do you need a stability shoe, a motion-control shoe, or a cushioned shoe?  Real runners road-test the shoes we have in the market today and recommend which foot type goes with which pair of shoes. Runner’s World also lets you in on what footwear should feel like on your feet to guide you as you choose your new pair of shoes.

The September issue of Runner’s World also helps runners step up their training with different sets of workouts for veterans and amateurs alike – all in only six weeks.  These workouts, although meant for short-distance races, can actually also prepare runners for marathons and improve their overall performance in long runs.

Want to know how fit you are? Take the battery of nine tests we have in this month’s issue that measure your strength, flexibility, balance, joint mobility, speed, endurance, and cardiovascular strength. The September issue is also packed with healthy food choices for runners, tips on treating common foot problems and tricks to avoid running injuries.

The latest issue of Runner’s World with actress, TV host, and runner Iza Calzado on the cover is available exclusively with every copy of Men’s Health and Women’s Health this September.  Follow Runner’s World on Facebook ( and on Twitter (

Many thanks to Summit Media’s Ro Manalo for my copies. *hugs*

Kraft Run 2010

August 29. 2010 - Westgate, Alabang

I was really glad that I got to receive an invitation to the Kraft Run 2010. This is because Kraft Foods Phils. is special to me in a major, major kind of way. You see, my job brought me to work with the good people of Kraft and it is where definitely, work sometimes do mix with passion. There are a number of people at the company who share my love for running. So i definitely look forward to celebrating with them Kraft’s celebration of delicious in a healthy way. Yesterday, the Kraft Run 2010 Dash For a delicious Lifestyle was held at the Westgate Center in Alabang.

Just like in my very first comeback run at the NBA Fit Run two Saturdays ago, I opted to run just a 3k in this event. I have firmly resolved that although I miss running very much, I will stick to running (or jogging!) short distance races only until after I was able to finally go back to regular training. I finished the run with a time good for a 5k finish (again!) but then as I have said before, I am not complaining. I am just too glad to be out running again and being with friends.

with the way i look (or weigh!), i could very well pass up as tabachoy runner instead of kulitrunner! 😛

The race was if i may say, a very intimate event – where less than a thousand came to participate and where almost everybody knew each other (since it was a by invitation only event). But then again, I love how this race was organized. On-site race kit claiming though was a little bit disorganized but one can choose to look the other way for this. It was their first race after all and it wasn’t a total show-stopper naman. 🙂

The event area was very spacious and it has some semblance of a Runrio race (although this one was not organized by Runrio) – a big stage at the center of the activity area, a baggage, meal,water, race committee and a finisher’s loot bag claiming booth with a good number of volunteers present in each. 🙂

the stage was easy to spot and the activity area very spacious

there were two of this, strategically located in opposite sides of the activity area

The run route for the 3k, although 370 meters longer (my garmin registered the route as 3.37km while Aljo’s Polar registered a 3.7km route) was great!  The roads are tree-lined so you can feel a gentle breeze while running even if it’s already past 6am. And boy, the route wasn’t at all very easy because of its uphills. If you love the McKinley Hills for your uphill training, you’ll also love this route because it can match the challenge that McKinley gives. If I live near the area, I would definitely be running in these roads again and again. But unfortunately I do not. 😛

During my entire run, I passed at least three water stations. For a 3k run, that will equate to a distance of 1km-each for each station. And what’s great about these stations is that it doesn’t only serve runners with water, it also gives sponges. Although I did not find the need to get both – water because I have brought my hydration belt with me and sponge because I do not feel warm at all (thanks to the trees probably!), I knew that the participants, especially the kids appreciated these. And then also, there were a lot of volunteers who man the stations. The entire route also has sufficient distance markers which are easy to spot.

As I run to the finish, there were again a good number of marshalls with megaphones who direct runners in entering the correct finish chutes. Once finishing the run, one is easily directed to a finisher’s loot bag claiming area where you can easily spot a long table full of colorful loot bags – a signature of Kraft’s “delicious lifestyle”. For a free race, the contents of the loot bag was generously filled! If you got hungry from running, you all you need to do was go to the food stations and get your free breakfast. Ah, runners were spoiled to the max!


we had a great run and went home pa with this! ayos! 😀

Congratulations to the people of Kraft Foods Phils., Inc. for staging a very successful fun run. If this event will be made as a yardstick of future Kraft-sponsored runs, I think it is fitting that they make this one an all-out race open to the running public. 🙂

I went home with a sore knee and leg, owing to the fact that: 1) I am still terribly heavy and overweight and 2) i haven’t started training, but with a smile on my face.

It was always fun to be with family but if I ever have to be away from them, the company of friends I was with were all worth the time away from my better half and kids.

good to be with friends again!

the solemates 🙂

the pizarros - miguel and jaymie (jaymie won 1st place in the women's 10k cat, read more on this on her blog)

Super thanks to Miguel (and Jaymie too!), Jayvee and the people at IS – Ryan and Lawrence and Rodel for inviting me to join this fun, fun event. It was great seeing you all outdoors! 🙂

Settle the Score

This one’s supposed to be a teaser. But then again, runners do really know how to distinguish clues for running-related matters. It’s now all over Facebook. But then again, what you currently see is what you ONLY get for now. There are more details worth revealing IF ONLY WE COULD. If you can only see the Event Profile, you’ll know what I mean. So for now, let me just say that this one’s gonna be a whole lot different from its predecessor. So start training and saving. It will all be worth it. 😉


Step Out! AVON Walk  & Run Against Breast Cancer
3k Walk/5k Run
October 3, 2010, SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds
October 10, 2010, Cagayan de Oro


3K Walk Category:
– Simply purchase 2010 Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Shirt for only Php 149.00

5K Run Category: Php 500.00
Early Registration: August 1 to September 30, 2010   
Registration Venues at the following AVON locations:   
– Taft
– Shaw
– Edsa
– Makati Head Office
– AVON Cagayan de Oro   
Other Registration Venues for Manila Run Event:
– R.O.X Bonifacio High Street,  The Fort Taguig   
  From August 23 to August 27, 2010 and from September 14 to September 18, 2010   
– Royal Sporting House, Glorietta 4 Makati City   
  From August 17 to August 22, 2010 and from September 21 to September 26, 2010   
Online Registration: August 1 to September 30,2010    
Philippine General Hospital Breast Care Center and selected provincial hospitals

Let’s all help and support the breast cancer patients.

New Additions to the Nike Lunar Family: Lunar Glide+ 2 and Lunar Swift+

Last year, I was fortunate to have been one of the chosen few to participate in the test run of the then to be launched running shoe from Nike , the Lunar Glide+. All participants of the said activity took home a brand new Nike Lunar Glide+ and that is when my happy running experience with the Lunar Glide+ begun (see my previous post about our test run experience HERE).

My Lunar Glide+ became my favorite running shoe and it was the same for most of my friends who were part of the test run too. My pair was my shoe of choice through all my fun runs and two half marathons last year until I got pregnant and took time off from running.

Now that I am getting back to my old running routine, I was thinking of getting another pair of Glides when Nike sent me some information about the newly launched Nike Lunar products – the Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 and the Nike Lunar Swift+.  Talk about good timing! 😉

I was informed that as with the Lunar Glide+, both shoes also has the Dynamic Support that adapts to every runner at every phase of the run. Both also use the Lunarlon cushioning system that delivers ultra-soft, lightweight cushioning and springy response, all in a lightweight package.

And while the Lunar Glide+ is said to be best for runners with neutral foot-type, the  Lunar Swift+ is ideal for runners that are underpronated to moderately overpronated gait. The LunarGlide+ 2, on the other hand, is for the daily distance trainer, ideal for a wide range of runners, from underpronators through moderate overpronators.

Best of all, both the Swift+ and Glide+ 2 comes in the same eye-candy colors that the Lunar Glide+ have been known for. I simply love it.

I really would want to try both. I am really just scared if I find out that both shoe models prove to be a good fit for my feet! In that case, I would find it hard to choose and would just hope that I’ll have a budget to score both. Hmmmmm… (Hey hubby, you could buy one for me and I’ll buy the other for myself, right? How’s that for an anniversary gift? ;))

For those of you who are as interested in these new Nike Lunar running shoes as I am, please refer to the images for the technical specifications (click on the images to view a larger version).

Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 for Men

Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 for Women

Nike Lunar Swift+ for Men

Nike Lunar Swift+ for Women

The Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 and Nike Lunar Swift+ are now available in the market. 😉