World Habitat Day

For more than a week now, I received an email asking for help in spreading the news about World Habitat Day. You see folks, World Habitat Day will be celebrated on October 4, 2010. I am one believer of this advocacy seeing how much help and life improvement Habitat for Humanity has given to many of the Filipino families who happen to have no decent place to live. I remember always trying to conceal tears everytime I attend talks and presentations about how many families here in the Philippines live under unsafe and uncomfortable conditions. Deep inside I always wish that someday somehow, I’d get in a position wherein I’d be able to help.

For now, this is the best that I can do, post about it and hopefully help create awareness for it. As the Habitat for Humanity website says – “Let’s raise our voices and advocate for change to help those around the world who do not have a decent place to live.”

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity and how you in your own little way will be able to help by visiting this SITE.


3 Responses

  1. aba! magandang cross training din ang pag-halo ng semento, pag puk-pok ng ding-ding o buhat ng hollow blocks.

    sayang naman ang magandang V02 Max ng mga runners kung sa fun run o sa pag break lang ng PR lang ito gagamitin.

    oo nga, siguro mas maganda kung sa pag akyat/buhat ng ALULOD na gamitin ang mga malalakas na QUADs ng mga runners.

    lessgo, sagow!

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