Condura Skyway Marathon – ALL SET! Part 2

As promised, here are some bits of info which I have gathered from the Condura Skyway Marathon Sponsors’ Meeting. View my post about this meeting HERE. Read on!

a room full of sponsors!

– Marathon Photos have been tapped to handle the photo service for this said event. Condura Main Man Ton Concepcion told me earlier that they were able to negotiate a much lower fee for the photos than the rate Marathon Photos gave for the Hongkong Marathon. Take note guys, this is the first running race that Marathon Photos will cover in the Philippines.

– 10 buses (each can accommodate 37 persons) will be available from 7AM to provide public transport for runners and runners’ companion/family from BGC going to Ayala Ave. Bus Ticket will be at P20 each and terminal will be at the Market Market area. Please note that these buses are apart from the BGC Buses regularly shuttling from BGC to Ayala and vice-versa and priority will be given to Condura Skyway Marathon participants (you will be asked to present your race bib when purchasing tickets).

– Hershey’s Kisses will be given to 42k finishers.

– Sanofi Aventis will be giving away Cenovis Joint Guard and Woman by Lactacyd products while Unilever will be giving away Clear shampoo and Ponds products among others.

– Solues is the official time keeper of the event.

– Pioneer Insurance will be the official insurer which covers all runners with Personal Accident and Third Party Liability insurance. Please note that insurance will be valid only if you have a valid registration (meaning you are an officially registered participant, that is why registration are strictly non-transferable).

– Anchor Shape will provide milk sampling at their booth in Condura Village and will give away SINGLETS to random runners.

– Nature Valley will give away granola bars and will for the first time introduce their new variant/flavor: the Dark Chocolate Crunchy Granola Bar.

– The National Geographic Channel will be doing a material for the event. This will be the first ever locally-produced material for NatGeo.

– Century Tuna will provide food at their booth in the Condura Village.

– MultiSport magazine will be coming out with an issue with the Concepcion brothers, Patrick and Ton in the cover and a feature about the Condura Skyway Marathon inside.

– Each hydration station is not more than 2Km apart.

– There will 100PLUS Stations located beside some hydration stations (2 Fort, 1 Makati, 5 Skyway).

– Sponges will be provided (1 Fort, 2 Makati, 3 Skyway).

– Water fountain will be provided along the route.

– Banana stations will be set-up along the route(1 Makati, 1 Skyway).

– 3 Portalet Stations will be positioned along the route.

– Hydration Stations are also Medic Stations.

– The Finishline will be at the 9th Avenue and entrance to the Condura Village will be a few meters after the Finishline.

– Upon entry to the activity area, runners are advised to claim first their loot bags from the redemption booths prior to going to the different sponsors booths. This is being advised so that runners already have bags to put in other give-aways that sponsors will be distributing in their booths.

– 42km Finishers will be treated like a King! There will be an exclusive 42-km Finisher’s Recovery tent with enough space for sitting, relaxing and an own portale to boot! Oh and didn’t I say that their finisher’s medal and loot bag can also be claimed in their exclusive tent to ensure that every 42km finishers, fast runners or not, are ensured that they get whatever freebies there are available for all? Yep, sweet!

– If 42km finishers are Kings, what does that make the 21km finishers? VIPs of course! 21km runners will have a finisher’s medal and loot bag “FAST LANE” redemption area which will also be exclusive for them. No recovery tent but then again, an own area to claim their finisher’s treats! Again, everyone will be assured to receive all freebies since allotments for the 21km runners will be exclusively given to them in the fast lane (except for those who availed of the Special Delivery System registration in which case they will not yet receive their finisher’s after finishing the race).

– How about those running the shorter distance categories? Should they feel like they were discriminated? NO. Though the redemption area for 3km to 16km finishers will be in adjacent booths, the area is one whole long stretch which will ensure faster releasing of freebies.

–  Food booths are available in one part of the activity area featuring: Silog Express, Jollibee, Tapa King and RFM food products.

– There will be a Public Transporation tent near the side of the stage wherein runners can purchase bus tickets at P20 each. Please present race bib for this. Again, runners will be given top priority for the Public Transportation.

– The Dolphin Wall at the activity area will have 15,000 dolphin images painted on it using Welcoat paints. This wall will also serve as the photo wall for all participants and expectators alike.

– There will be a Marine Wildlife Area to be setup beside the Dolphin Wall.


7 Responses

  1. Mz. Vimz, some observations:

    1) It stated here that buses “will be available from 7AM”.. I think this does NOT address the concern of 21k, 16k, 10k runners who wants to park in BGC and go to the starting point in Ayala. I think you have to special mention this at the forums so that concern runners will park in Ayala and just go back using the buses after the race.

    2) The usual bus fare (EDSA-BGC) is 11.00 pesos only. How come 20 pesos ang icha-charge nila? Tapos sa Market Market pa ang terminal which is the same as the regular buses. If I will ride the bus, I will not present my bib para 11.00 pesos lang babayaran ko instead of 20 😉

    3) Lastly, since 20 pesos nga ang bayad sa bus, baka puwede pakiusapan na magbiyahe sila ng mas maaga. Say around 3am from BGC to Ayala para may masakyan naman yung gustong mag-park sa BGC. Total, mas mataas ang charge nila keysa sa regular fare.

    Yun lang po muna 😉 Thanks for the infos

    • Zalds, i will try to be brief in my replies but please bear with e if it gets too long…

      1. For all races, not just for Condura, i believe that it is the runner’s responsibility to get to the starting line. What Condura is doing here is complementing whatever available public transport options there is by having an agreement with a third party transport company for the runners since the finishline is not in close proximity to the starting line. to add to that, it will not be logistically easy to transport a fraction of the 8,000 runners who will start at Ayala from BGC with the use of just 10 buses with 37 seating capacity and with various roads in BGC already closed by 3AM. If I were the runner, I would prefer to ride going to Ayala post-race when I am tired from running not on pre-race wherein I have no control as to the travel time which can prove to be a cause for my being late for the race.
      2. The public transport option being offered by Condura is by a third party transport company. It is apart from the regula BGC Shuttle Bus going to and from BGC and Ayala. In addition, the BGC Shuttle will only take people from BGC to the terminal near the Shell Station in the corner of McKinley and EDSA. The bus exclusive for Condura participants will take the runners from MarketMarket to the Insular Life Bldg in the corner of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas because Condura wants to take the runners closer to the starting line as possible. If you will opt to still take the 11pesos-fared BGC shuttle bus, this will be up to you. Condura is not forcing everyone. And do note that tickets for these can be purchased at the Condura Village.
      Market Market was the designated terminal because it is the only approved area by BGC and BGC doesn’t allow illegal parking and remember roads are closed for the race? you wouldn’t like buses taking up road space that us runners should have been running on. 😉
      3. I think I have answered this in my reply to your concern number 1.

      • Thanks Ms. Vimz, that clears a lot of concerns.

        Now, would you mind if we share our exchanges at the forums? (copy & paste). As you know, Im not the only one who is concerned about this. Actually, this does not concern me at all as I’ll be running 42k in Condura 😉 Thanx again

  2. Woww… thanks for the info, now I’m getting more excited. Sadly, I would really need those medics at each water stations 😀

  3. “42km Finishers will be treated like a King! ” –thanks for the encouragement! i love to hear this

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